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I officially give up pretending to both  you and me that I’m going to stop posting the more interesting spam I get. I’ll stop when it does, till then skip the posts with ‘Spam’ in the title.

Full disclosure over and so on to this week’s comment.

The utter mental mind f’ck that this comment gives me is almost as bad as the time when a Bostonian cab driver interrogated, a very jetlagged, me about the efficacy of the EU and whether if it had existed pre-WWII, would WW II actually happened. Ever had a moment when you thought that your brain was literally dribbling out of your ears? That was me just over a week ago, after a very intense three day visit to Boston. I was barely capable of thought let alone historical European political discourse.

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Surely, if we inhabit the body, then we are also in possession of it? Which means that we do possess the wisdom that we apparently lack, or is the physical body an independent entity with which we’ll never truly be a part of, as we lack its inherent wisdom?

Answers on a postcard.

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