Will I never learn ( not bloody likely Popeye)

Why oh why do I not heed my own counsel??? I have been training for more than 30 years now and I still think I can take breaks and just pick up where I left off. In my early twenties this was not such a problem but now being on the correct side of forty (that’s forty+ for the kids out there. Where ever I am is always the correct place for me to be) it’s not as easy as it once was.

Tuesday’s run was not an eye opener more of a beautiful truth! The run measured a meagre 2.74 miles…….. The run time?????…… 32 minutes. Ouch! Well let’s be honest I was fucked! I need to get that down to 27 minutes to be doing ten minute miles. And I need to be able to do that comfortably. I don’t need to worry about doing sub 10 minute miles, speed is no longer the issue, but covering distance is. I can no longer run too far in training and build up mileage and endurance that way as it batters the old stump too much. Yet I still need to build the endurance and leg strength up quickly to cope with Total warrior. (I see trouble ahead).

My left foot kept dragging on the ground on the forward swing of the leg; I couldn’t find a comfortable gate. Within 500 meters my lower back was in tatters, luckily the annoying dragging foot and the spasming back took my mind off my desperately poor lung capacity. And I haven’t even got to the first small hill yet. Well the first hill is a small incline but all things are relative.

Well It’s back out on nearly the same route tonight. A few small tweaks to the route have got it to three miles and I will still finish almost at the door step.

Tonight’s plan is to make it slightly further past each place I stopped to curse my lack of CV training on Tuesday and hopefully if I do stop, the thing will be to keep moving forward and not lean on the first available wall, whilst panting like a paedophile in Mother Care’s.

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