What Tough Gaffs did next

Plus a few more thoughts on Total Warrior.

This time last week we were just heading to the start line for the 10k so it seems like a good time to reflect on the weekend as a whole and explore what’s next for the Team before the bruises on my battered body completely fade away.

The net net for impatient folk is if you’re thinking of trying a mud/obstacle race then do Total Warrior, it’s well organised, has great obstacles, is in a beautiful place and the contests are a helpful bunch. I’m still unconvinced that it is the ‘toughest 10k on earth’ but it’s certainly getting there. The Sunday 10m is far tougher, obviously it’s further and the group consensus was that the extra four miles, mainly of up, kicks the ass out of the country mile section of Tough Guy. We also revised our thoughts about how a winter version would be good, with the Lake District weather a winter event could kill people.

So what now?
Then there are mutterings about travelling to the home county of Cheshire to take part in the November Tough Mudder and then of course onto the Grim Challenge in early December. Then its 2013 and we need to get our little heads together and work out what we want to do, there are mutterings about doing a Coast to Coast, either Scotland or Devon and/or the Commando Challenge which will take Sean back to the days when he didn’t need mud to make his hair look dark. 2012 has been a bit light on events, and medals, in fact I think no medals have been added to the tree so far this year – a matter which needs to be addressed. So as well as the Ealing Half* at the end of September, the City Gaffney part of the team is considering trying out the Demon Run Series. It’s had some not great write-ups on runners world, mainly around poor organisation and route marking. This will be the second time the course has been run in Bracknell so I’m hoping lessons will have been learnt and applied – even if not, at least we’re pre-warned and there is a medal!

Of course, we also need to see what events our generous sponsors would like to see us do – there’s a very hand list over at Muddy Race for them to chose from.



*Note to self, really need to start training for this

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