What kind of blogger are you?

If you are a blogger that is, if not then feel free to move on to more interesting posts – I particularly recommend the one about the Rollerblading Dwarfs.  However if you are a blogger then we, that is me and my employer Porter Novelli, would greatly appreciate three minutes of your time to explain your blogging raison d’etre and motivation by taking a short survey.

Mat Morrison explains in a lot more detail about why we’re so interested in this but the brief summary is that…

…we do the world (and ourselves) as much of a disservice by lumping together a bunch of web sites based on the fact that they share a similar technology as we do if we can only lump all fiction, non-fiction, reference, text-books, guidebooks and manuals together as “books.” We need a better classification.

We need to distinguish between different types of blogger quickly and easily, and that it would help to have some kind of shared language with which we can do this.

It will help when formulating plans and approaches. For example, and off the top of my head, right now one can probably approach journalist bloggers as though they were journalists, while it’s probably not worth approaching someone who’s mainly a CEO blogger.

As is our PN want, we shall share the results and as much of the data we gather as possible and will happily take on any thoughts you may have on the subject as they are bound to be better than ours.

And while I’m plugging work related stuff, if you don’t fancy taking the survey on blogging you could pop over to the PN Big Christmas Wish and make a wish, which might just come true.

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