What, exactly, is it?

Most unusually* for the digi gang here at PN towers we created a little bit of furore in the twittosphere yesterday by providing some research for PR Week on the twittering PR’s in the UK. The resulting article seemed to upset a few ppl and generally caused a fair bit of discussion on Twitter between 9 and 10 am as ppl eased their way into the work day. Mat’s already posted a detailed explanation of the intent and methodology so I’m not going to go into all again here. What did strike me though was an early comment from Mark Borkowski about PR Week not getting the ‘essence of Twitter’, which is nice and slightly less annoying way to say ‘they don’t get it’.

The phrase ‘X doesn’t get it’ drives me insane, partly because it is usually accompanied by air punctuation, which is just f’cking annoying in itself to be honest. Much like the great sage, Billy Connolly, I have to resist the urge to snap those gesticulating fingers backwards. It’s also usually accompanied by a slightly smug and knowing smile, for obviously the person who says the phrase does indeed get ‘it’, otherwise they wouldn’t be in position to judge the it-getting capabilities of others. Just by uttering the phrase about someone else, you create a them and us situation, which is wrong. If someone doesn’t understand an element of digital, we should take the time to explain it to them and why we feel it’s important, not summarily dismiss them to the mass of the great unknowing. This is patronising and it too annoys me.

However the main reason it annoys me is that ‘it’ doesn’t actually mean anything and inaccuracy is irksome. The industry keeps talking about how we need measurement, and provable ROI and I agree wholeheartedly that we do but how we can we measure something that we can not define?

*I say unusually because despite the fact that we are all rather mouthy, self-opinionated and a touch argumentative in real life, we tend to keep our collective corporate heads down online and not say anything too controversial, well not deliberately anyway.

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  1. Hello — nicely put…

    I missed all the blrrr blrrr and can only read the fallout – which from where I’m sitting – the other end of a screen in a different country… seems to me to be a bit like everyone wishing they had thought of it first, what ever it is….

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