Walking back to happiness

In his latest post, Seth Godin explains why despite having a better standard of living than ever before, so many people are unhappy.

What you have doesn’t make you unhappy. What you want does.

And want is created by us, the marketers.

Marketers trying to grow market share will always work to make their non-customers unhappy.

It’s interesting to note that marketers trying to maintain market share have a lot of work to do in reminding us that we’re happy.

Seth Godin, Destroying happiness

While it would be lovely to think that marketshare is maintained through happiness levels, in reality it is done by making customers fearful of change and believe that they would be less happy with another brand’s products or services.  In short, FUD, FUD glorious FUD.

Whichever way, it’s not giving me the warm fuzzies towards marketing right now.

In conclusion, world happiness would prolly grow exponentially if we followed the sage advice of Bill Hicks

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