Upping the ante

It’s been a slightly random week both in training and in life in general.

Firstly life in general. Thanks to an invite via Twitter on Monday evening, I spent Wednesday morning on an old Routemaster bus with ex-England and British Lions international Will Greenwood.  The bus was in aid of launching the latest version of Microsoft office, which is called Office 365, which has many cloud based features and is subscription based.

Greenwood’s purpose in being there was to give a five minute talk on the British Lions and how he’ll be using the new software while he’s off covering the Lions in Australia later this year. My purpose in being there, well I’m not so sure but I was very happy to be invited and am very much looking forward to the new version of MS office being available for Macs at some point in 2014/15.

It was an entertaining talk, made more so by the not inconsiderable difference between his height and the ceiling. He also had to deliver his talk while the bus was in motion, and the driver had a very heavy right foot. Greenwood was followed by a lively band, Ray Guns look Real Enough, who did a couple of numbers before the bus stopped, and stayed stopped. After a while it transpired the bus had broken down and while the PR team involved went into full crisis mode, I jumped off the bus and went back my desk having had a thoroughly enjoyable morning jaunt.

So to training. The usual form for the weekend of an event is do the event and then celebrate its completion with a couple of beers, then slack off rest*. However, we have events looming, like the Yeovil half (Fiona and me), the Dorset Marathon (Fiona) and the Dirty Weekend (all of us). So Sunday, for a change, was not a day of rest. Fiona trotted off on a half marathon while Sean and I did a 22 mile cycle, very slowly.

The speed was my fault as I have done very little training at all this year apart from the odd 30 minutes on a cross trainer here and there. Obviously that has to change if I’m going to make it to the end of May, but unfortunately somehow on the cycle I’d managed to bruise my foot**, which ruled out more cycling or running. So instead I swam for a few days,  then with foot fully recovered I did an indoor triathlon, followed by a very slow run today.  The plan for tomorrow is circuits followed by another run.

The plan for next week is to start cycling to work and make a few more circuit classes.

In team news, I think we’ve picked up our first team sponsor in the form of The Great Western in Yeovil, I believe team rugby shirts for after event wear are part of the deal and the landlord has also muttered about possibly being a support driver for one of the two day events later in the year. If you’re ever in Yeovil, I’d recommend dropping in, especially if it’s a Sunday as the roasts are pretty damn good, as are  the puddings.

We’re also supporting one of the pub’s chosen charities, St Margaret’s Hospice Somerset and you can donate on Fiona’s page. As a team we’ll be completing over 800 miles in events in 2013, plus hundreds more in training and any donation of any size is welcome.


*Though that might just be me

**I’m blaming wearing old running shoes that are designed for pronating feet and now feel way to restrictive for my footglove adapted feet.

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