Unaccustomed as I am…

…to blogging, I’ll probably make a right pig’s ear of this.  A good person I know is obsessed by the power of things happening in threes, so as pre-amble to why I’m now blogging here are the three factors involved:

  1. I’ve noticed that after almost a year of running a Tumblr blog that instead of just using it as a scrap book, I’m commenting more on the material I post. I was also struggling to find the right place to post some longer rants thoughts, so I was toying with the idea of starting a blog proper, as it were.
  2. Then I used one of my many favourite phrases in a meeting and a colleague pointed out it would make a great name for a website, so here it is all registered and up and running, only a day or so later.
  3. While doing my daily look in on GraphJam, I saw this most excellent graph which instantly hit me as a good byline for yet another bloody blog on social media.
    A pratical look at the information age

    A pratical look at the information age

    So in an equally vain and vague attempt to actually increase the amount of useful information, I give you Niff, Naff n Triv – a practical look at the information age (mebbe)

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  1. @Damien Cheers – the header is a shot of part of my bookcases, will put a better one up when I replace my dead camera.

    As for what niff, naff and triv means – well its the inconsequential, or kipple of life. I also think it seems to describe a lot of the current blogosphere discussion about social media. I know that to people within the echo chamber it is of vital importance, but to those in the real world, it’s just so much niff, naff and triv.

    @tim cheers, looking forward to you starting too – jut keep the bored tweets to a minimum or I’ll start sending you work already..;)

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