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twitter-logo.jpg Yes I know I talk too much about Twitter as it is already, but an increasing number of ppl seem to be ending up here after searching for advice on the place.  So I thought instead of just finding my nonsensical witterings on various bits and bobs, I’d try and collate some of the best places to go for advice and information:

How to get started on TwitterTim Hoang

A guide to the jargonAaron Hockley

Top Twitter Tools for 09Social Guy

Some advice on how to make it easier for tweets to be retweetPaul Walsh

50 suggestions of how to use Twitter for businessChris Brogan

5 ways to have fun with TwitterRead Write Web

How to get a job through TwitterLitmanlive

Top 50 celebs to stalk follow on TwitterTimes Online

Please leave a comment with anything else you’d recommend and I’ll update accordingly

UPDATED: Completely forgot to include Drew Benvie’s excellent list on why Twitter is useful for PR ppl. I also completly forgot to mention the very useful search function on twitter which is most handy for following hashtag conversations.  If you have no idea what hashtags are, read this very useful page on the Twitter Fan Wiki.

Finally, for now at least, possibly the most useful tool of 09 if you follow lots of ppl who go to events that you don’t go to and you’re getting spammed by #convos you can now put ppl on Twitter  snooze for a while.

UPDATED Some more: 4 common mistakes to avoidTwitTip

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