Twitter Theology

Another instalment in the ad hoc series of not very interesting searches what have brought ppl to my blog.

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We’re going to ignore those ppl after pR0n, today’s top tip is use the word porn in one blog post and you get a steady stream of visitors for evermore it seems. We’re also going to ignore those looking for lots of mud 13 (srsly ppl WTF?) as well as the journo and paid for twitter stuff, instead concentrating on the seeker of knowledge wishes to know who is god on twitter. Which is noble if unusual questt

Fortunately for them I do know the answer to this one. I know many people would think that it is Stephen ‘National F’cking Treasure’ Fry and verily, he has brought Twitter to the masses, while hoiking a load more celebrities into the mix and generally raising awareness of all things Twittery. Which if you think about it is more of a John the Baptist or even Metronme type of role .

No, the true god on Twitter is twit phenomenon, @Briggysmalls


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