Twitter is for the old folk

Just  picked up on some Nielsen research on Twitter demographics that states Twitter is not being picked up by the kids. The average user is 35 – 49, which is nice because it means I’m dragging down the average (just) and it gives a tiny bit of creedance to my belief that Gen Y and the Millenials are not actually all that when it comes to technology.

Some theories have been put forward as to why this is, old ppl like it cos its simple and/or they band wagon jumping setting up accounts but actually using it and its too dull in comparison to stuff like Facebook.

None of which seem to ring true to me, Facebook is trying to become twitter it seems (though not very popularly or successfull) and for as long as I have used Twitter the majority of users I know on it seem to be my age or older. If anything its the youngsters that have only started joining and not using it to the same degree.

I know much is made of the fact that they are the first generation to grow up with the internet as a de facto part of existence, are incredibly au fait with all stuff digital and are the trailbalzers on the new frontier.   However, knowing, being friends with and having worked with the odd one I don’t see that, they are quicker to adopt something once it has already tipped and more trusting when it comes to putting their life online,  but its the older generation that I see as the ones who are pushing the boundaries of what is achievable with technology.

Or am I wrong and this is the beginning of an age induced meh at the young people?

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  1. Being the antithesis of my sister when it comes to al things IT i could only offer this wild stab in the dark as to why the youngsters don’t use twitter as much as the oldies (and I’m including you here sis). 1, mobile texts cost money and which self respecting youngster will spend money unnecessarily when there is beer and cigarettes to be bought and 2, at their age who is interested in what they have to twitter? Maybe they know they would be on a hiding to nothing and would rather operate amongst there own circle of friends on facebook than run the risk of someone with a valid opinion downing them like a Meschersmitt over the English Channel. I will now stand by to be told twitter is free to use and everyone, no matter what age they are has a valid contribution to make to the twitterverse.

  2. Maybe it’s because there just isn’t any thing to scream “cool!” about within Twitter.

    I’m imagining that only half-geezers enjoy reading. (Even if they didn’t pay attention in class when they were there, yes.)

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