Everyone has certain rules that they know they shouldn’t break, except you do and then kick yourself repeatedly for having done so. One of mine is when returning from a long haul trip, get as much sleep as possible on the plane and then stay up.

Do not sleep at all, Whatsoever, until at least 10pm that night. Usually I go to work and then go out. I’ve been known to go clubbing til the wee hours and then still get up at reasonable time for work the next day following a red eye from NYC. This time I made the fatal error of getting back and kipping for four hours. Since then waking up before 10 and not feeling groggy hasn’t happened.

So today’s planned legs and back session before a game of Squash didn’t happen due to time constraints. Instead it turned  into Squash followed by a super speedy chest and triceps work out, which was nice.

Also nice is that I’ve managed to sign Sean and Ray up for Just Giving and put nice little widgets on the side bar so you can sponsor us, if you so chose. We’re all raising money for Help for Heroes so it doesn’t matter, pick your favourite and throw us some cash please. Fiona might also be joining us, fingers crossed on the time off, if she is then I think we’re going to compete for the first time in the 10k, then do the 10m together. If she can’t make it, then I think it’s a bimble round both days,

Should be fun either way

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