Training and Search

Training continues apace, mainly at a very, very slow pace.

Having got home far too late to join the running club, after getting locked in the new office (a story far too dull to share right now), I decided I’d go for a pootle by myself. Just a short one, mainly so I’d be back in time to watch the Apprentice. Using RunKeeper for the first time, I set it to tell me when I’d done each mile, thought I’d knock out three and call it a day. The pace for the first mile, to be honest, was a bit slow but I was ok with that, as I’d stopped for a good stretch 10 minutes in. I upped it over the next few miles and finished feeling quite happy.

That was until, i took of the phone and realised the app had worked out I’d stopped moving and my stupidly slow mile was due to me being stupidly slow.

Ah well it can only get better.


This isn’t a highly trafficked blog, which is fine. It serves mainly as motivation,  to let Sean know that I am actually still training and acts as a nice writing outlet. However, we do get a steady trickle of visitors. Mainly sent here by google and looking for training tips on tough guy, total warrior and the Grim, or photos of the same. Occasionally they are after gaffer tape holders and that’s about it. So I was a little disturbed by the person who was searching for information on ‘showers after rugby.

I’m not sure what post made this blog the right answer to that query, or indeed what advice I can give on that topic. Except to say, you should shower after rugby, I’d recommend a shower gel with some exfoliant in it to help get rid of the mud. Unless you’re a back, then you probably just need to wash your hands to get rid of the sweat the opposition forwards will have got on you during the post-match handshake.

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