Tough Guy Gaffney Challenge

Well the nearest I will get to training today is taking the dogs for a brief walk to gather food supplies from the local Tesco Metro.  Coffee is now being drank with condensed milk and the cupboards are bare. However on a positive note I have managed to use my new scanner and send a copy of my signature to Tough Guy HQ, apparently it is required for the promotional stuff for the Phantom Limb Challenge.  Also I sent Ingrid, Mr Mouse’s right hand woman and effectively plays the role of  Sgt Major Plumley in ‘We where Soldiers’, a page from Soldier magazine reference the ‘On Course Foundation’ who wish to rehabilitate soldiers via the medium of golf and hopefully finding them gainful employment in the sporting industry.

Well everyone does what they feel capable of, hopefully after they tire of chasing a ball around a flat course they may wish to graduate to Tough Guy and test themseleves and the patience of their prosthesist

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