Tough Guy 2011 – Braveheart II Race Report


This post should’ve have gone up three days ago but my fingers have only just defrosted enough to type.

In short we did it. It took over four hours, which was a little wide of my three hour estimate, but still we finished having not skipped an obstacle.*

Highlights, apart from the slightly antic-climatic finish, had to be the torture chamber and getting a bolt directly to the arse and one straight across the chest. I got off lightly, one bloke on the Tough Guy Facebook page mentioned he had a filling shocked out. Sean also took a few bolts and seemed to spend sometime contemplating his next move. In Summer I swear I didn’t get hit, but this time round it was like being punched. The fact that the slalome had dropped a couple of legs was also quite nice.

Fiona’s elegant dismount from the dragon rope’s is also worthy of note, having somehow managed to end up sitting on a rope, she faced the inevitable, pinched her nose and dismounted into the freezing cold water with panache.

The worst bit had to be the Colosseum. As per usual we were bringing up the rear, not a bad plan as by the time we hit an obstacle it’s usually clear and there are no queues. Not so the Colosseum, there were lines of pale, shivering bodies all over the place. Actually not all over the place but queued up on two of the five plank lanes available. Partly this was due to some of the planks having snapped but mainly it was because that’s where the gaps between the sections were narrowest. It was a huge bottle neck and most people had to resort to jumping in and out to the water to get round.

When I get a bit more organised, i.e. this weekend, I’ll post some of the hundreds of photos the supporters/support crew took and in a couple of weeks there should be a short film by the lovely chaps from FilmTank on Sean’s attack on the challenge.

Oh and despite agreeing as we went round that it was a one time only affair, I believe we’ll be back in 2012.

*Ok I wussed out on the pirate planks again, I will do them in July. We also missed the tunnels on the colosseum as that part had been closed off.

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