Total Warrior

While Tough Guy will always be the Daddy, there are more and more pretenders to the throne popping up all over the place. Last year the Spartan Races appeared, which are only 5k so hardly worth getting out of bed for. However this year Total Warrior raised its head. Despite telling Sean on its facebook page that it’s not like Tough Guy at all there are some similarities. For example, Tough Guy claims to be ‘The safest most dangerous mental / physical 4 hours of pain in the world’. While Total Warrior give’s us the ‘ TOUGHEST 10K & THE TOUGHEST 10 MILE EVENTS ON EARTH.’. Both charge late entering laggards more and deign to call them lazy buggers and the obstacles on the Total Warrior page look mightily similar to the Tough Guy Course, including fire jumps, tyre crawls, barbed wire, water and  Warrior is even threatening ice, not sure how that’s going to work out in August.

Anyway, we’ve signed up for the 10 Miler on Sunday 7th August and even though Sean and Fiona can’t make it due to work commitments, the remaining haf of the team is holding good on the threat of running for Charity. I’m supporting Help for Heroes and Raymundo is supporting Age UK Help for Heroes too.

There may even be training involved for this one, as we should at least try and post a decent time, that said the planned circuit session this morning got canned due to jet-lag related sleep issues.

UPDATE 1st May 2011: Sean has decided to join in the fun as well, he’s raising money for Help for Heroes too  and for a change, he’s upped the ante. We’re now doing both the 10k on the Saturday and the 10m on the Sunday. There’s a possibility we’re also going to be doing Nettle Warrior the weekend before so leg movement by the 8th August may be limited.

Update 3rd May 2011: Fiona has persuaded her boss that she really needs that weekend off too, so it’s a full Tough Gaffs turn out planned for August. It seems like we might also be doing the British 10k in July.


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