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Just before Christmas, Mat shared some work he’d done on the relationship between the top 50 twittering PRs in the UK. Now we’ve done the same thing for the top 50 journalists.

We sourced the journalists from Ste Davies’ most useful list of who in the fourth estate twitters, ran the names through Twitter Grader and grabbed the top 50. If you’re interested you can find that list with grades here.

Then, as with the PR map, our Twitter spider looked at who they followed and who followed them. Then using Mat’s bit of perl wizardry we found all the instances where one member followed another top 50 member. We threw the results into Netdraw and laid out the chart thusly.


Again we’ve sized the nodes so that those with the most peer-group followers are larger and also placed them more centrally in the chart to make easier to compare with the original map. Which is below for easier comparison purposes. For those without supersight, Charles Arthur is smack bang in the middle, surrounded by Rory Cellan-Jones, Bobbie Johnson, Paul Bradshaw and Martin Stabe. Of which, only the first two make it into the top five according to Twitter Grader.

twitter prs

Looking at the original map, it immediately seems obvious that the PR bunnies of the world are far more likely to link to each other, but just to make sure we dropped both datasets through UCInet and looked at the density scores, and sure enough the PR network is almost twice as dense, sharing 1459 ties compared to 785 for journalists. Or a ratio of .595 against .320 for following within the group, so not quite double, but not very far off.

Which is really what one would expect, the PR community, or at least the more digitally aware ppl in the PR community are sharing more than ever before and openly so.  Have a look at the majority of most PR blogs’ blogrolls and you’ll usually find a handy list of all the other PR bloggers.  By the virtue of being on twitter and active enough to score highly on Twitter Grader the PR group could almost be defined as niche in themselves. It makes sense that they follow each other as they most likely to be interested in the same issues, mainly social media and PR. Unlike the journalists who represent several different media types and sectors and are therefore it seems less likely to follow each other.

Neither of which are startling conclusions but an interesting way to play with one of our new tools nonetheless.  If you have any thoughts please do leave a comment, especially if you can think of other easily identifiable groups, however tightly or loosely connected,  we can run through the same drill and see how incestious, or not, they are.

Finally, the more astute amongst you will have noticed that there is a slight flaw in the journalist map, in that Chris Green, former editor of IT Pro, is on the journo map and not the PR one. This is because Chris jumped the briefing table, joining the darkside, between the time when I pulled the data together, in December, and when I got time to analyse it, today. However as he’s pretty much on the periphery of the journo map I  decided to let it slide this time and we’ll add him to PR group if we do another set in the future.

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  1. Not to be an irritating pest and nit-picker, but seriously Kerry, how could you ever expect to join the dark side without having first had your share of milk?

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