Today's Triv

It has been pointed out on the odd occasion, by the odd person, that this blog contains very little actual trivia. So as a sort of resolution I’m going to attempt to address in 2010, if you’re lucky I might also through in some niff and naff too.

As today is the first of Jan and the beginning of the New Year, I’ve taken the calendar as inspiration. Up until 1752 while 1st Jan was celebrated as the beginning of the year, the official year didn’t happen until the 25th March. This changed in 1752 although it was still nine months until Britian and its empire adopted the Gregorian calendar, a mere 170 years after it was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII.

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  1. I know this is a bit late but as you have ‘borrowed’ from me, I shall now borrow from you. “All ideas remain the intellectual property of Sean.”

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