To tweet or not retweet?

Twitter could be described as set of loosely connected social circles. Conversations that happen within those circles can break out into other circles as users retweet comments they have found of interest or feel should be shared further.  I’ve noticed that there has been an increase in retweets recently but that has mostly been driven by a fair few recruitment retweets as well as breaking news being spread, such as Steve Job’s leave of absence.

No because when you retweet someone you always include the orignal tweeter’s name I’ve always seen it as either a compliment or as someone doing you an unasked for favour.  For example, a couple of days ago I asked my twitter friends to submit their ideas for a ten minute talk on twitter, the best would be invited to have a speaking slot at a PN event in Feb. Several of these lovely ppl very kindly retweeted my request which meant I got some very interesting thoughts flung my way and also picked up a few more followers that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. Which was nice.

However it seems that not everyone sees it that way. @UKTJPR, a frequent retweeter, today said that would only be retweeting content if they were requested to.  This is apparently because some ppl have complained about their tweets being taken out of context.  Now, I’ve never asked for anyone to retweet my content, and I don’t think I would – its a little too ‘hey look how groovy I am’ for me.  Although, I’m sure there are exceptions to that rule, such as if someone was after sponsorship for a good cause.

There has been a fair bit of discussion about Twitter-etiquette already, from which the general consensus seemed to be, everyone uses Twitter differently, if you don’t like how someone else uses it then don’t follow them but do we now need to come up some sort of retweet-etiquette?

So, in a blatant excuse to use the poll functionality, what are your thoughts on retweeting?

Personally, I think that if you are say something in a public forum, like Twitter, well you’ve said it outloud and you can’t take it backt. Them, as they say, are the breaks. And yes, I am sure that this will come back and bite me on the arse at some point in the future

0 thoughts on “To tweet or not retweet?

  1. Don’t see the problem personally. If someone sees fit to blast my stuff out to a wider audience it just makes me grateful.

    If you don’t want it retweeted, don’t say it – or DM it.

  2. I have got to agree with Chris if you don’t want it retweeted, don’t say it, read, Is too much transparency a good thing?

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