Things every girl thinks about when running

Although I often make them, and who doesn’t, I hate sweeping generalisations. I also hate being patronised. So you can imagine how swiftly I hit a good level of meh on just reading the title of Nike Women’s promotional post on Buzzfeed; Things every girl thinks about when running.

Leaving aside the that first five points are all pre-activity so a more accurate title would be things every girl thinks about  running and when running, admittedly not quite so catchy.

At some point between me originally spotting it and writing this post, someone had a slight rethink and the title has been changed to “24 Thoughts We All Have When Running”. That just doubles the number of people being patronised.

The 19 points that relate to running include such gems as:

13. OK, focus, you need to cross that road.
14. It doesn’t count as stopping if the little man’s red.
Oh come on, OF COURSE the light would turn green juuuust as I get there.


21. I’m crushing this run. Maybe I should sign up for a half marathon?


23. Maybe I should run a bit further now to test my stamina?

None of which are things I’ve ever thought while running.

Despite being a pants article, it did make me think about what I think about when I run, which is basically anything I possibly can except what I’m doing. If I do think about anything run related it’s normally something along the lines of:

I’m sure this was easier when I last did it

Why does everyone run faster than me?

Oh look a magpie

Why the sod do my podcasts stop playing for no reason

Balls, I’ve been lapped by the running club

Is that a knee twinge

I think I’ve listened to this episode before

Oh look a parakeet

Oh god I’m bored

Perhaps if I actually thought more about the running aspect of what I’m doing I might be a bit better at it, and possibly faster.


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