The one where no training happens

So it’s about three weeks until Total Warrior Total Weekend, I’ve no idea how Sean’s training is going – he’s done a couple of runs, not seemed to enjoy them and not said much since. Julie’s training seems to be going well but there’s been a bit of hiatus in the Kerry and Ray camp.

In part this has been caused by the weird calf injury I picked up a couple of week’s ago and in further part by a joint cold. The calf thing is pretty much sorted now, after a few physio sessions and many pins being stuck in my back, hip and leg. The physio did offer to take a picture so I could share my suffering with you but I refused as I’m pretty sure it wasn’t going to be  pretty sight, he did however sponsor me which was lovely – you can do the same by clicking on my justgiving page.

Strangely the timing of the joint cold has worked well with the injury, an enforced week off is possibly not too bad a thing. The plan was to start training again on Sunday with the usual circuit class but I’m manning the stand at a film festival trade fair – instead I think we might have a slow trot around the parks tomorrow night before jumping back into where we left off, with the possibility of starting touch rugby on a wednesday night.

There a few potential snafus to this marvellous plan – the main one being an extended weekend in Kewnow at Helstonbury to not celebrate my birthday*. The other is the planned trip on Thursday to get our geek on  go see the live version of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Perhaps this should be a week of easing ourselves back in after all.


*I saw this to pre-empt Sean pointing out that my birthday is, in his belief, in June, not actually in July like it says on my birth certificate.

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