The end of the world is nigh

At some point today, the Rapture was due to hit the world. This is not the end of the world, but rather the overture to it ending on the 21st October 2011. In case you don’t know, the Rapture is when 144,000 Christians will be scooped up into the air to met Christ, and generally have a good time laughing at the ensuing panicking sinners on earth*. I mention this purely to illustrate the Tough Gaffs’ mentality, which is instead of kicking back to watch the transporter show and indulge a spot of  post rapture looting, I decided to kick start the training again despite the predicted doom.

I’ve had a week off from the gym, mainly due to a few too many social parties, including a trip to the Country Gaffney’s for a BBQ that wasn’t to celebrate Sean’s birthday** and a couple of exams. However, today I got back to spinning, which was fun, no really it was. Tomorrow promises squash and then a run. It’s only seven weeks until we do the British 10k and while I’ve done a couple of 3 milers with the Ealing Eagles, a lovely bunch of people even if they are all racing-snakes, I need to get more miles in. I’m pondering getting some Merrell Barefoot Trail Gloves and if so, will definitely need to break them in pre-July.

So seven weeks until the 10k, means it’s about 11 weeks until the Total Warrior Super-weekend. There seem to be a few people dropping by for training tips. I suggest you go check out the Total Warrior facebook page as they are very nicely posting a weekly training plan.

I also suggest that you sponsor the team, Pick your favourite Team Gaffs member – Me, Sean, Fiona or Ray. We’re all raising cash for Help for Heroes, so it doesn’t matter who you sponsor, except mainly to help with the bragging rights. Also Sean has had a genius idea that whoever sponsors him the most will get to pick not only the next charity he fundraises for but  also which event he runs. Of course, one in, all in. So it wil be interesting to see what post-August brings.


*Which might strike you as unchristian but then surely is the notion that if there were a god, he’d only let in the top 144,000 people that have ever lived, ever.

**He’s getting a little sensitive about his age it seems

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