The best laid plans or how to meet challenges head on

When I first started this blog, I used to cycle to and from work on a regular basis. Then I changed jobs, had no access to  an office shower and got a bit lazy. A couple of weeks ago, with more than one eye on the year ahead, I decided to start cycling in again. Showers were sorted by joining a gym close to work, the bike was serviced and last night saw me get my schizzle together and so off I set this morning…

..only to be brought to an abrupt halt  three miles in by a driver turning right across my path as she turned into a side road. Fortunately I broke the impact with my face, as it’s cheaper to repair than the bike, the latter actually emerging from the incident totally unscathed. Unlike my face.

I ventured to A&E this afternoon to get it checked out after I started feeling a bit weird but apparently nothing is broken and I’m not concussed. I do now have a laundry list of things to watch out for,  one of which will be  the swelling and bruising continuing to blossom and then hang around for another two to three weeks.


Oh and I’m not allowed to do anything training wise for at least 48 hours, if not a a few days more.

More joy.

Anyway the moral of story is this, that the cliche about never assume, as it makes an ass out of you and me, is true.  I assumed my cunning plan of cycling would go as smoothly as it had done on hundreds of previous occasions. The young driver assumed* that I would stop, even though it was my right of way and she didn’t know if I had seen her or not.

Also don’t assume that everyone in London is horrible and unfriendly, as I lay on the road,slightly dazed and not moving while I did a quick stock check of body parts and cognitive functions, at least half a dozen people stopped to help. Including a trainee doctor (handy even he did look 17**) and a lovely person fromthe local Natwest who insisted I come in and sit down for 10 minutes to make  sure I was really OK.***

Oh and the other moral is wear a helmet, I suspect if I hadn’t been sporting my lovely shiny Proviz that I wouldn’t have had a choice about lying motionless in the middle of the road.


*This is not an assumption, it’s a direct quote after  she asked me why I didn’t stop and I explained I hadn’t stopped because it was my right of way.

** I suspect by trainee Doctor he might have meant he was doing the a-levels that would eventually lead to med school

**This is not an endorsement of Natwest, my least favourite bank, but it does seem in West London they employ some lovely staff

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