The 5 signs something has gone mainstream

People start to ask if it is the new version of the last thing went mainstream

The spammers move in

People try to find an advertising model

Celebrities are all over it

The Daily Mail claims that it causes cancer/brain damage/end of society as we know it

All we need now for someone to claim that Twitter is dead and we can all move on to the next big thing.

0 thoughts on “The 5 signs something has gone mainstream

  1. Yes for the love of God can we look at this more than one step at a time. People are talking about each new site as something they need to “get.” What I think they need to “get” is that this is a freaking Singularity. Everyone’s switching to a new site now for a moment to try it out and see what happens. Next, everyone tries something else. Twitter, like everything we imagine here, is made of air; you can’t grasp a hurricane.

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