The 2013 planning session

Tonight is the Grim Night Terror which means this afternoon is perfect for watching rugby, snoozing on the sofa and getting rid of this hangover planning for the rest of the year. I was going to live blog the planning session but the after effect of the Thatchers Vintage has slowed my words per minute to about one, and that’s usually misspelt.

So a brief recap of the session so far.

So far not much has happened, the session was delayed by the inability to find a pen, there is a further delay while Sean and I get more coffee to help with the hangover concentration levels.

The first few events of the year are swiftly dealt with, the main concern for today’s event is picking the car up from the pub where we left it last night. We’ve still not worked that out and we have to leave in less than three two hours.

The Yeovil half is easy, i just need to get my bum to Yeovil and perhaps do some training*.  The Rat Race Dirty Weekend is also easily covered, camping is included in the entry price, so we’ll camp and we have plenty of appropriate clothing for this kind of event.

So on to the Wall. this will be our first two day event, starting in Carlisle, ending in Newcastle, stopping overnight half way. There are mandatory kit requirements and kit checks to pass.

After a brief look at the kit requirements, we decide to concentrate on booking places to stay instead. So starts a frenzy of googling.

1312 Sean brings in more coffee and his home made lemon drizzle cake. I suddenly realise that the weird sticky patch on my hair might be related to eating Lemon Drizzle cake last night.

1317 Fiona has accused Sean of not helping. Sean points out that no-one else is eating the Lemon Drizzle and that this is his contribution.

1319 Fiona is shouting at her laptop something about buses, she’s now muttering Vindamora, Vindalanda like a Hogwart’s student trying to get the intonation just right.

1322 Rooms sorted for the start and middle at not too an extortionate price. We are staying in a pub at the half way point, this might be a mistake

13:21 Huzzah there is a bus that will take us from the midway point to the pub we’ve booked for that night. Unfortunately it stops running at 1800. We’ll be covering 32 miles, starting at 0800. That’s an ask.

1323 Sean  is now spouting Naismith’s rule to try and work out how long it will actually take us to walk. He suggests heelies might be in order to make the down’s quicker.

1329 We’re now discussing if we want to stay in Newcastle, none of us have ever been to Newcastle, plus we’ll be knackered, so a night in the Toon it it. Fiona is confused when I say this means that we don’t have to take coats with us.

1338 All Wall accommodation is now booked. W00t!

1340 Now to work out how to get from Newcastle to Carlisle on the Monday.

1341 Train it is. Unless we can convince someone to be a support driver and bring the car to us.

1346 Planning grinds to a halt as Fiona has lost her pen and accuses Sean of stealing it.

1347 Pen is found, someone was sitting on it

1354 We’re now arguing about what the stages are for the Coast to Coast

1402 Distracted by the athletics on tv and have decided that after a months training, we too shall be as skinny as the long distance runners

1404 Fiona and I take a unilateral decision that we will go to the posh hotel at the end of the Coast to Coast and abuse its spa facilities as a celebration of the end of a hard year of events

1405 Fiona and I realise that we still have a half marathon, two Survival of the fittest10ks and the Grim Original to go after we complete the coast to coast.

1406 We’re still staying in the posh hotel though

1413 Apparently I need to get dressed and collect the car.

More planning updates tomorrow, possibly, and a review of the night terror too.


*Fiona has said this is an option, I may well take this option

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