Searching Questions: III

This time from the rarest of creatures, a shy person on Twitter, who doesn’t seek the fleeting fame of creating a tweet worth of repetition far and wide. Fortunately for them the answer, if they truly don’t want anyone to retweet their 140 characters, or less, of wisdom, the answer is simple(s). Don’t tweet.


The words that go out indicate that I might be talking about Twitter a wee bit too much. The words that bring ppl here indicate that they are going to be disappointed. And if anyone can tell mewtf Fizzlepop porn is, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Brits don't get search

Apparently many British people don’t understand just how search engines decide to rank results, according to a survey carried out by on behalf of Fasthosts and published this week.  Interestingly the confusion is split fairly evenly between trust in an incorruptible system, cynicism and complete clueless ness, or as the official numbers would have Read More …

Porn free

Much as war can be seen as the Mother of invention, porn could also be viewed as the Mother of the internet – really stick with me on this one.  The porn industry has been driving and shaping the adoption of visual based mediums since, well forever.  The victory of the inferior quality VHS over Read More …