Sunday Summary

<Insert usual comment about rare occurrence of two post in one week here>.

So, the Grim 8 is less than three weeks away, the Night Terror Grim is just under 3 months away and it looks like there might be a cheeky skiing trip sandwiched neatly between the two. Unfortunately since the Total Warrior Tough Weekend training has been, shall we say, a little sparse.

This is normally not a problem, as recently mentioned, sheer bloody mindedness can you get through an awful lot of physical challenges that you might, perhaps, could have been better prepared for physically. As long as you don’t mind being cold and miserable for an hour or so longer than you would have if only had done any some training. However for some reason, I really don’t fancy dragging out the Night Grim longer than needs be and it’s also no fun to go skiing when you’re legs aren’t up to it. So today marked the first day of the pre-Christmas fitness regime, which consisted of cycling the very long way to and from the super market, like 6 miles out of the way. Followed by another long bike ride in the afternoon.

Nothing too strenuous but a start, tomorrow the plan is to hit the useful pub fighting techniques Thai Circuits class and then get back to weights in the week, with some spinning at end of the week and some running thrown in. Yay!

Obviously to complement the new regime, for dinner we’re definitely not having roast beef plus trimmings, followed by a steamed treacle pudding. Just as I’m definitely not drinking red wine and snacking on roast potatoes as I type this.


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