Strangers in the night

…exchanging flip flops, left one for the right.*

So, predictably, the enthusiasm of the new year disappeared as quickly as sweeties in the playground and blogging has been slack to say the least. Unfortunately it’s not the only thing that has been slack, training has been amiss too – though mainly it is the city based Tough Gaff’s team members that have been the most remiss. Indeed the country Tough Gaff’s members have been shining examples of training dedication, Fiona completed the Yeovil half marathon at the end of march in just over two hours, though technically she did cheat by training. Sean hasn’t been racing as he’s been in the land of Stan, he has however been lifting heavy things on regular basis. So much so that a friend recently remarked that he looked like he was smuggling a dead animal under his t-shirt. Not sure how much cardio he’s been doing though.

It’s bound to me more than me.

So far this year, if you include the 6.5 mile Grim Night Terror that took place on the 5th Feb that I still haven’t posted about (I know slovenly blogging reaches new depths) then I’ve ran almost ten miles.

In our my defence, there have been many things over the past three months that I’ve not been slack on. Mainly the smoking of cigarettes, the eating of peanut butter M&Ms, drinking of exotic cocktails, working, travelling and generally having fun.

So In a bid to have less fun shake the training torpor and have a chance of not dying during the Total Warrior weekend, I booked a couple of places for the inaugural UK Tough Mudder in mid-May. Apparently is is probably the toughest event on the planet, and so not easily confused with Total Warrior, which is the toughest 10k and 10 miles on earth, or Tough Guy, the safest most dangerous event in the world.

So training has started, and is going well, which to be fair it needs to, and brushing off the bloggy fingers has felt good too, so there might be more updates to follow**


*Well it seemed like a better opening that than he usual mea culpa of the lazy blogger


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