Ok, I admit it I have seem to have a spam issue. Not in that I get lots of spam, only about 3,465 comments in the past year or so, but in that I’m fascinated in the evolving fashions of spam. When I first started off it tended to be long lists of keywords around pr0n and medicine, most recently we’ve had the crap joke spam.

Today, I have confusing spam and I’m not actually sure if it is spam or not. The comment does reflect the post rather well, and if it weren’t for the email address I would no doubt approve it straight off and there is no linkage in the comment which makes me think it’s not spam. Perhaps it is a spammer who is actually commenting of their own free will, kinda like having a peek at your own Facebook page in between playing around with your ad settings for a campaign.

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  1. totally agree with that! i would never have known if i hadn’t seen the links. after having to wade through tons of spam each day, i finally posted up a warning. i’m really surprised, because i’ve had no spam comments after that. :)

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