Some Niff, Naff & Triv (Finally)

Camberley WRFU My darling brother, from whom I nicked the title of this very blog, has occasionally complained that it doesn’t feature enough niff, naff n triv.  So this is a little snippet for him as it combines our joint love of the game they play in heaven, our religious background and our accidental Welshness.

The last two times Wales won the grand slam in 2005 and 1978, the Pope died.  Actually in 1978 two died, Paul VI and John Paul I, but it is a universally acknowledge truth that Wales were much better in the seventies.  Therefore Pope Benedict XVI should take it easy on the egg-nog over the Christmas period.

Obviously you shouldn’t just take my word for it, please read the full study as completed by the British Medical Journal.

0 thoughts on “Some Niff, Naff & Triv (Finally)

  1. Reference the bit out our religious back ground, i shall use the words of the Duke of Wellington..

    “Being born in a stable does not make one a horse”

  2. Good point well made, but if the ‘horse’ then stood up in front of a lot of ppl about 14 years after it was born in the stable and said that it was indeed a horse, I think that makes it a horse.

  3. Hmmmm, I seem to remember not being given the choice about being a horse. A point which i brought up with his Lairdship a short while ago.

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