Social media is not the be all and end all

One of my pet hates is surveys, you may have noticed this.  I especially hate surveys that don’t reveal anything businessman - presenting clipboard particularly new or interesting. Such as the recent survey by Cone, which revealed that 85% Americans of those surveyed who use social media believe companies should have a presence in social media and interact with customers.  Though only about half thought that companies should have proactive content.  Only 7% thought that business should no presence at all.  On the basis of this Cone is urging businesses to embrace social media.

Now as this survey was undoubtedly carried out over the interwebs, although annoying the research methodology is missing from the fact sheet, it seems to be the equivalent of phoning a thousand people and asking them if they would like to be able to contact businesses by the phone. If you use or favour a particular way of communicating with the wider world, then you are most likely to favour that method to communicate with businesses too.  It’s a convenience thing.

I know that some do like to keep social media purely social, but a lot of us don’t. A lot of the early adopters and some of the laggards use social media to create, build and maintain their own network of useful business contacts. It would be a bit churlish to deny bigger brands the same opportunity to connect. Personally I’d be delighted if I could speak to Vodafone via Twitter, as it might have saved me at least an hour this week spent on emails and calls that so far haven’t resolved my issue.

Then again I’d also be delighted if the initial phone call had done the trick too.

Social media is great*, it allows big businesses to get back the small company personal touch but it’s not mainsteam and itn’s not the only way to reach customers, it’salso not the only way customers want to be reached.  Which is something we should remind ourselves of every now and again.

*I know I have to say this but I also believe it

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  1. Hi Kerry,

    While we currently don’t use Twitter to communicate with our customers, we do run a support forum which you are welcome to post your issues on :)

    Hopefully we can give you the high level of support you’d expect, with that added personal touch, without tying you to the phone for hours on end 😉

    Come have a look at let us know how you think we’re doing :)


    Vodafone UK
    Digital Service Operations

    eForum Team

  2. Jon,

    Thanks for the comment but I can’t help feel that you’ve missed the point slightly.

    I tried to contact vodafone using two fairly standard channels, the customer care line and via the feedback form on the website. Everytime I called I got cut off before speaking to a human, and the email responses had roughly a 24 hour delay between each one.

    Being able to contact someone directly via twitter would fit into the way that I currently communicate with other peopl. I don’t use forums as a rule, and I don’t want to add another place when I have to go to get help.

    I’d quite like Vodafone to come to me and offer some help when it notices that the usual channels aren’t quite doing the trick.

    Must add when I did finally get to speak to someone, by deliberately chosing completely the wrong menu options they did sort my problem out extremely quickly.

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