So you think you're a tough guy huh?

It’s amazing what the heady combination of peer pressure, sibling rivalry and alcohol will make you agree to*.

Having made the sensible decision to eschew the London Marathon, mainly because it seemed like far too much hard work, I instead found myself agreeing to take part in the Tough Guy: Nettle Warrior XI, with my elder brother, Sean, and his wife, Fiona.

The man in in the middle is not naked, jsut wearing a very small thong apparently For those of you who are not aware of this event, it  starts with a cross-country run of indeterminate distance, followed by a two – three mile assault course which involves the usual cargo nets, water hazards, electric fences and the odd fire jump or two, all taking place in the July sunshine.

Unfortunately when it came to the actual race day I was on a plane to San Francisco but Sean and Fi went ahead without me. Afterward Fi described the experience as “evil” and Sean stated it was the “most physically draining event I have ever done”, which is a tad worrying as he’s done a fair chunk of the Royal Marine commando training course, including the 30 mile yomp. So obviously they’ve decided we need to do it again to punish me.  Except this time we’re doing the winter one, on January 32nd 2009.

So why I am I telling you this?  Mainly  as I didn’t do anywhere near enough training in the run up to the summer event and I thought if I made it a bit more public then I’d shame myself into putting some effort in.  I’ll be keeping a training diary over at an arbitrary archive, feel free to call me out if I appear not to be doing much.  Evil doers are punished before the race

Secondly,  as running the course  involves risking barbed wire, cuts, hypothermia, scrapes, burns, acrophobia, claustrophobia, sprains, twists, joint dislocation and broken bones,  I thought I’d best get as much out of if as possible.  To that end I hope to raise cash for MacMillan Cancer Support and Mr Mouse Farm for Unfortunates.  MacMillan because cancer doesn’t so much run in my family as rampage like Genghis Khan through Asia. Mr Mouse because that is the charity and location of the race itself, and they ask that you split any sponsorship cash 50/50 with them.  If you don’t you end up in the stocks.

So please, if you want, visit either at my Just giving or Mr Mouse pages and make a donatation.

The more cash I raise the more likely I am to share the photos from the race showing my team mates and me in agony as we drag ourselves around the course.  Largest donor will also get first dibs on signing the inevitable plaster cast.

Training starts in earnest today with the Nike 10k

*though surprisingly a lot less alcohol than you might think

2 thoughts on “So you think you're a tough guy huh?

  1. Firstly dear sister you appear to be doing little on the training front and well the secondly was largely going to reiterate the firstly point ….I therefore incant the rite of ‘Shame on you !’ I implore are your readers to join me in waving the finger of shame and ending all future comments on your site (no matter what the article) with ‘shame on you! Until you man up and train more.

    Signed, anonymous Iraq

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