Small things

It’s the little things that make living worthwhile, a beer with old friends, a smile from a stranger, not having a killer hangover after a storming office Christmas party last night – those kind of small, almost incidental incidents that just add an extra sparkle to the general shine of life.  To me social media is just like that. In its current infant state it’s not going to do anything massively earth changing but it can make small things happen that lift your spirits and your campaign too.rollerblading dwarf

One beautiful example is a Facebook group formed with the intent of getting Getty Images to commission a very  specific set of images. Understandably Getty records the searches on its site, if it doesn’t have the imagery and has enough requests then it will arrange for the photos to be taken.

This particular group, for reasons best known to itself, decided to request “rollerblading dwarf” or related terms such as “little person on tiny wheels’.  Unfortunately I can’t tell when it was the group was created and the company behind the move doesn’t have the clearest write up on its site. It does seem though that it happened fairly recently though and just through a small email campaign centred around a Facebook group with only 79 members.

The wonderful news is that Getty did actually commission the shoot.  So if you ever require an image of a rollerblading dwarf you’ll be able to find some.

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