Silly Season

Has silly season shifted to September? What’s with all the surveys popping out of the woodwork this week?

Find Satosh!i First we had 118118 and the ‘discovery’ of Discomgoogolation, then I spotted M-lab research which pointed out that UK adults only get 63 minutes of media silence a day, which actually seems like an awful lot of quiet time to me.  Finally a survey that 02 actually published in August but I only noticed today, has revealed that thanks to technology and social networking we’re all down to 3 degrees of separation.

Interestingly, the research by 02 might explain the findings of M-Lab though and 118118.

TV, radio, the internet and constant phone calls combine to produce a non-stop wall of sound with millions of people never enjoying peace and quiet for a moment, according to the latest research.

Why the average Brit only gets 63 minutes of peace and quiet a day, Daily Mail

While, the O2 research revealed

…we are usually part of three main networks based on family, friendship and work. Outside of these we are, on average, part of five main shared ‘interest’ networks based on a range of personal interests from hobbies, sport, music and the neighbourhood we live in, to religion, sexuality and politics. It is the growth of these shared interest networks and the influence of technology on them that has led to the reduction in the number of degrees of separation.

The six degrees of separation is now three, 02

So if we didn’t have quite so many networks and so many ppl clamouring for our time and attention, perhaps we’d have more time for silent contemplation. Though I’m not sure that I would include phone calls with media

And I guess both surveys combined also help to explain why discomgoojahmeflip is such a clear and present danger.

For anyone that’s interested in the validity of the 6 degrees theory, the rather wonderful Mind Candy is running its own experiement/game to find Satoshi

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