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Not much training happening right now for the City Gaffney. Following the Docs suggestion I’ve been resting and I’ll get back to training on Saturday, not sure what yet, possibly a run. I might even venture back onto the bike ahead of attempting to commute by bicycle again on Monday, this time taking extra care when passing side roads*.

Sean and Fiona have fared far better, with Fiona competing her third competitive half marathon, not only her fastest time but while forcing herself to slow the pace. Sean pulled a 60 mile cycle from Bournemouth back to his country pile, apparently it was a bit tiring. So tiring he hasn’t been able to blog about it, though not so tired that he can’t bake**.   So to quench the appetite of the thousands, hundreds dozens of people who seem to swing by here regularly, it’s time for another exciting round-up of the random searches that lead people here.

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Not sure why but the recommended training programmes by Rat Race for its events is hidden away under the Street Circuits Section of its site. I did find some by accident and then it took me ages to find it again. A quick google now didn’t reveal the crucial link to the Compete or Complete downloadable PDFs for either the endurance events, like the Coast to Coast, or the adventure events, like the night runs. Actually having just had another look the Dirty Weekend isn’t mentioned on the training page at all. It does however recommend that if you are doing the Wall or the Coast to Coast that you use the endurance event compete plan plus the supplement, you can find them all over at the Rat Race training page.

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Pretty sure there aren’t any, except perhaps in junior and infant schools. If there were Sean would make us do them.

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Saving the weirdest til last. I’m not actually sure what this person was after. A review of Total Warrior by a female, or a review of a female total warrior. Grammar is so important, as an English teacher FB shared recently on FB, it’s the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit – a vital skill.


*In case you’re interested both eyes are now beautifully blackened but the swelling is pretty much gone

**Any suggestions for perfecting cream cheese frosting would be particularly welcomed by him right now

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