Searching Questions: II

My spam has got quite dull recently but search is getting more interesting, actually in more ways than one, but for the purposes of this regular(ish) series we’ll just be looking at what brings ppl to my humble online home anf not how increasingly important it is for PR.

Ignoring ‘dwarfs infants pictures’ because that’s just a little too weird, even for me, although in case you’re wondering I think it was this post on how people hacked Getty images. Instead we shall look at ‘Why do we need to know about nouns?’


Must admit I don’t know, my education fell into that period when grammar was deemed old fashioned. However the top result from Google for that search,Daily Writing Tips, suggests that we need to know such things to communicate effeciently, which seems reasonable.

Incidentally, it took me a while to work out why that search had landed someone here. I think it’s due to the page explaining what Niff, Naff n Triv is, whuch if you haven’t read, I suggest you do. It’s penned by my brother and is a rather cracking read.

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