Sean’s Moment of Fame

Only a week late but here’s Sean’s moment of fame for being the first amputee to complete the infamous Tough Guy course. The details aren’t quite right – he has done the course twice before, a failed attempt at Netter Warrior in 2008, when a ripped leg lining stopped him. Then a successful attempt in 2010 which lead to the BBC deciding to film his attempt. Well we say attempt, but short of getting hypothermia and physically being dragged from the course, there was no way he wouldn’t have completed it – he is that stubborn.

No idea how long the iplayer link will work for but the show aired on Monday 14th February 2011, so if you see this post before the 21st you should be lucky. The film is here and the Tough Guy but starts at 20.19 I think – BBC Inside out

If happen across this post after that date, all is not lost. For fortunately young Ross has made a dodgy video for your enjoyment and inspiration. You can watch it on YouTube.


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