Road to nowhere

I was hoping to illustrate today’s post with a picture of my right leg full of acupuncture pins, which is part of my physio torture treatment for my idiotic knee, but today the nice man concentrated on treating a new ailment in my right calf. The weird nervy achey started on Tuesday and  I thought it was down to me trying to change my running form to stop aggravating the idiotic knee on the same leg. But the physio  seems to think it’s from my two week jury service stint, where sitting slumped and leaning on the bench in front is causing nerve damage in the lower back and referral pain in the lower leg. Either way, today he didn’t pin me, just made my back crack in a weird way, avid readers should come back next wednesday or thursday for the Kerry’s leg as a pin cushion shot.

Niggling ailments new and old aside,  six days into July and five days into the official training for the Ealing half marathon and we’ve hit every training session we said we would. This may not seem a lot but the last time we were meant to train for a half, I managed to avoid the gym and pretty much all forms of exercise, plus take up smoking again for the entire three month training period. So it’s a quite an improvement to say the least.

Admittedly yesterday evening’s planned jog around the parks was switched to a 35 minutes jaunt on a treadmill following a cheeky chest and tri’s work-out with free weights but it counts. And as today is a rest day, I’m pretty confident we should also hit that target, which just leaves a ParkRun tomorrow and then a four mile endurance run on Sunday. There’s some discussion about whether we do circuits before the run, or instead of – not sure what will win out at this stage. There’s also the possibility of a game of squash tomorrow afternoon but that might be pushing it a tad.

I think as long as we get sub-30 mins tomorrow and complete a four mile lap – no matter how slowly, that should do for the first week.


*The alternative title for this post could be well have been well begun is half done, but that’s a tad too Mary Poppin’s for my liking,


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