Poll: PR agencies & bloggers

Between Mr Hallam, Ms Ahern and myself, we’ve raised a little bit of discussion around blogger relations this week – mainly about whether it can be done on a short term basis or if indeed it can be done at all.

I’d like to get a wider opinion on whether PR agencies could, would or should proactively target bloggers. So please take two ticks and record your thoughts in the poll below. Results post will follow.

3 thoughts on “Poll: PR agencies & bloggers

  1. That is very good question, I think we forget that there are two sides to this story and its quite possible that the vast majority of bloggers would prefer not to be the target of PR pitches.

    I might do an oppossing poll tomorrow, see what that brings up.

  2. Good question. I say why not? PR agencies are often hired by startups trying to get the word out about their inventions and don’t necessarily have time or the ability to “market” themselves.

    Bloggers in turn are the early adopters/influencers in the community and the better they are at separating the wheat from the chaff the more popular they become. I’m sure there are good PR agencies and annoying ones but on the whole I think it’s an ecosystem that feeds each other.

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