Patented Gaffney 1/2 Marathon Training Method

The more astute among you may have noticed there has been a distinct lack of training updates  recently. There is a very good reason for this, mainly that there has been a distinct lack of training. Or at least consistent training.

First there was the face-meeting-car at speed incident, which has either left me with two small bumps on my forehead or a sight dent, I suspect the latter as the distance between the bumps matches the depth of my now defunct cycle helmet. Then there was a house move, a freezing long weekend of  humping and dumping, mixed in with bouts of drinking and rugby watching. That was immediately followed by a week with a slightly manky chest infection. All enough to put a serious dent in a not so serious training plan. Finally as the added hurdle to training properly there was the extended work trip to SXSW in Texas – 10 days of beer, BBQ, catching up with friends, entertaining and catching some excellent live music.

Obviously I fully intended to train while out in Austin, and did indeed make the gym on the very first morning but then, as the song goes, I got drunk on alcohol and that’s not all. There were  too many late nights followed by early mornings and motivation slipped. So it was with a little trepidation that I boarded the train to deepest, darkest Somerset with the intention of running the Yeovil 1/2 Marathon. The very race I skipped last year after feeling far too unfit after the 2012 trip to Texas.

Fortunately I got a cheery message from Sean as I travelled westwards. Despite the fact that he had done no training at all whatsoever, had had no intention of running at the weekend and indeed hadn’t run further than ten miles since he stopped being able to count to 20 with ease, he was now going to join the race. His reasoning was sound, if a little extreme. As he explained over a pint shortly after my arrival in town*, Fiona is training for a full marathon and can knock out 13.1 miles with ease, I would be well behind her and he couldn’t support both of us, so he decided to join me and share my misery.

Friday night passed fairly quietly and it was decided Saturday would be spent in a similar fashion, with no drinking and much carb loading.  We even discussed hitting the cinema and what we might see. I should’ve have suspected how it would actually turn out when Saturday morning kicked off with Fiona cracking open a bottle of champagne . Her reasoning was sound. As she explained over a flute, we wouldn’t be able to drink later so let’s have a small snifter now. Two bottles later we went into town for a mooch and somehow ended up having a cream tea, with the traditional accompaniment of  a mojito. Then we decided to have just one at the Great Western.

Unfortunately Thatcher’s Old Rascal is quite quaffable as is Wadworth’s Corvus, or it least the rate Sean was stowing them away made it seem so. Fiona sensibly went home and left us to it. We initially decided to stop at 6, then 9 and it was definitely not much after 10 when westaggered walked out with cries of good luck and much laughter following us out the door.

More details about race day and the actual race can be viewed in the next post


* Step One of Gaffney Pateneted 1/2 marathon training schedule….Go the pub! as suggested by Ford Prefect “you’ll need the muscle relaxant.” (HHGTTG)**

** Step two in the Gaffney patented training schedule…dig out the RonHills, flight deck jersey and reebok royals……that’s right kids it’s all about old school (this step may be skipped)

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