Mythical spam

I was starting to believe that the we’d plumbed the depths of various amusing spam times, but it seems I was wrong for today brings a new twist with a polite request on how to buy a mythical creature.


Google suggests both Argos and Amazon but I have a sneaky suspicion that both might be bidding on the phrase ‘where can I buy?’ rather than trying to answer the world’s unicorn needs. Yahoo answers suggests ebay and various methods for catching your own by the use of elves and Michael Jackson.

AQA, the drunken and argumentative person’s favourite way to Google suggests that you can’t buy a unicorn, however if it is a gift for a younger relative to buy a shetland pony and stick an artificial horn on it. Which is blatantly untrue, for if unicorns don’t exist then who is the star of this reality show?

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