My Bloody Valentine

The lovely Mr Andrews has tagged me in a Valentine’s day meme to create a suitable playlist on WE7 for this Saturday’s forthcoming slushfest. I must admit that I’m not a massive fan of Valentine’s day, the urge to send flowers*, buy a card or do something thoughtful for the one you care about shouldn’t be dictated by the greeting card industry.

I’m also not the most massive fan of soppy music, I like my music to evoke an emotion, not retching or induce type II diabetes. It also seems that I’m a fan of music that isn’t on WE7, so the first four tracks are from my playlist are there and rest are to be found on YouTube.

Hurt – Johnny Cash – A cover of a Nine Inch Nails track and not traditionally one you’d associate with love but if you watch the video, and I strongly recommend you do if you never have, then you can clearly see the deep level of feeling between Cash and his wife June Carter-Cash.

Misery – Therapy? – The flipside from the previous song, this time a jagged and confusing break-up with lots of angsty guitars.

Wonderful  – Adam and the Ants – best known for jaunty pop tunes and possibly one of the finest lyricists of his generation (da diddley qa qa da diddley qa qa is possibly one of the finest song lyrics ever imho), this is from the final Adam and Ants album, though on a blind hearing I’d defy most ppl to realise it is an Ants track.

Jilted John – Gordon is a Moron – The song for everyone that’s lost out to a love rival or feels like pogoing.

I useta lover – Saw Doctors – This one is included for two reasons,because I adore this band and because love is fickle.

Lovestruck – Madness – I was going to go for a more traditional choice here, with the classic ‘It must be love’ but then I remembered their excellent reunion album, Wonderful.  From which this was the first single. To me it beautifully captures the mad urges that take you at the end of some evening’s out, which make complete and utter sense at the time.  I also happen to know someone who once fell in love with a lamp post while more than slightly inebriated.

2 pints of rasa – Sultans of Ping FC – An actual love song, or as close as this list is going to get. The Sultans are prolly best known for the classic “Where’s me jumper” but to me this is one of their finer works, who wouldn’t want to be compared to a pint of rasberryade? Quality on this video is atrocious but its the only one I could find, bonus is that it segues into another fine tune, you talk too much.

And that’s enough from me, I’m tagging Tim, Mat and Brendo on this one

*Though if you are planning on ever sending me flowers I like daffodils

3 thoughts on “My Bloody Valentine

  1. Could not resist a comment…

    You are one classy lady…. – ‘Hurt’ – Johnny Cash – seminal moment in the music industry… sends shivers down my spine when I hear it… and yes the Love in the video is all we can all hope for….

    Happy Valentine


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