More reasons to love Christmas

In a blatant steal of a blog post I’m adding to Chris’ 13 reasons to love Christmas and adding a few of my own, feel free to steal the idea too and keep the list growing on your own blog, or just add to the comments here or at Chris’ original post.

  • Christmas pudding. Why is this deemed an only once a year treat?
  • Drinking before midday. Not that I’m a lush but it is rather nice to be able to have a snifter (or two) before the sun is over the yardarm
  • Re-runs of really old movies. Christmas is not Christmas without eating your own body weight in chocolate while watchng Oliver/Great Escape/Digby the biggest dog in the world – again
  • My Dad’s Christmas gateau. Really, it’s amazing even though it has cranberries in it and a calorific content that would give Gillian McKeith apoplexy, shame he doesn’t actually make it any more though so you’ll just have to take my word on how good it was.
  • Midnight Mass. A necessary once a year delight where we try to remember when to sit, stand and kneel – weirdly though we’re all word perfect on the creed despite several decades of being in a lapsed state
  • Presents. Not so much the receiving but the giving, really – there’s nothing like picking just the right bit of tat
  • Chocolate. I know this was one of Chris’ reasons but I really like chocolate too.

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