Let the training commence

Yes I know that the ethos of the Tough Gaff’s team is to not train and to rely on sheer bloody mindedness todrag get our arses selves around the various courses. It’s a mindset that has served us pretty well in the past, I think we’ve only ever once finished last in a race, which was the 10 mile version of Total Warrior, and even then we weren’t the last on the course. Admittedly we did start with the first wave of the day and we didn’t finish *that* far ahead of the people who had started on the last wave  a couple of hours later, but the key point is we weren’t physically the last people to cross the finish line that day.

However, that is a distinct possibility in a non-mud-obstacle race, such as a half marathon, particularly an inaugural one which is bound to attract few fatties and many snakes of the racing variety. So with three months to go to the race, training has commenced, officially, for the Ealing Half Marathon.

Obviously to kick start the new regime, we didn’t go running, instead we went off to the pub fighting techniques class, aka Thai Circuits, which is what we usually do on a Monday night. However, as Monday was designated official-start-of-1/2-marathon-training-day, it counts as cross-training and is jolly good fun to boot.

Next on the schedule was a 30 minute run on Tuesday night – that didn’t go quite so well due to one us not having done much cardio for a few months but completed it was, albeit very, very slowly

Ah well onwards and upwards – only 88 more days to go!

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