Invictus Games 2016: UK Trials


Well that’s my Invictus trials over! Thank you to everyone for the messages of support and encouragement.

I took part in the indoor rowing trials at Catterick on the 16th of December and as I showed an aptitude they have had me concentrate on the rowing. There have been more trials for rowing held at the Redgrave Pinsett Rowing Centre and here in Bath and despite some stiff competition from over 50 rowers, I’m glad to say I did well.

Whilst here I tried my hand at shot put... and despite no skill I put in a credible performance which unfortunate I couldn’t repeat with the discus. Though I’m sure if they moved that big green net surrounding the circle it would have gone further.

I was really hoping to put in a time for the 1500m but I missed that due to a over run at the field events.

I had a dabble at the 400m, apparently I’m no longer 20 years old and running 400m is a surprisingly long way. If I could find out what classification I am, I could tell you how I did. ..  but I stuffed the other peg legs in my heat.

As I had a spare 10 minutes I also tried my hand at the bench press. They were running three benches concurrently. Starting from an empty bar they kept adding 10kg plates until there was only one man standing. Well it was last man pressing to be honest. After everyone had given up they kept adding plates to see what he could press. But as I had to row the next day I didn’t want to tire myself out so I retired gracefully before I maxed out… so I guess I did okay there too.

Finally I have just had a bash at road cycling. A one mile sprint and then a criterion (of sorts, I didn’t really understand it, which cost me on my last lap as I actually thought I had another lap to go) but it was an excuse to buy a road bike ( my first one since 1989). I probably should have practised riding it and changing the gears ( they aren’t where they once where, and why do the brakes also change gears now? ) so the first ride of my new bike was actually my 1 mile sprint!… I was no where near as quick as the big boys on full carbon bikes, fresh from their seven week Paralympic training camp on the med!….( bitter moi?)… but you would be surprised what a fat bloke on a bike can do when he opens up the Hwyl tanks.

It’s been a fantastic experience and amazing seeing what the other competitors are capable of and how they over come the challenges that have been put before them….

BZ everyone…

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