Innovation Sports Victoria Park 10k Race report

10272681_10153726734071077_3733869510297472129_oAs part of the quest to get fit, and also to break the hour mark for a 10k at some point in 2016. I decided to sign up for at least one proper 10k a month. So far I’ve managed four, although unfortunately the last one wasn’t quite a 10K. That each one I’ve signed up for thus far has a medal attached is coincidental.


For my fourth attempt, the Innovation Sports inaugural Victoria 10k, I dragged myself far, far east to Victoria Park. A place I’ve never been to before despite living in London for over 15 years. It was rather lovely, despite the cold and dreary February day and I will try and make it back before 2031.

The race village, or perhaps hamlet would be more appropriate, was easy to spot and registration and bag drop took but moments. There were five different races slated, a half marathon, 15k, 10k, 5k and a 2k kids race. All with different start times. I was a little concerned when the 5k didn’t start on time and the kids race still seemed to be going five minutes before the 10k start. But with a couple of minutes to go, the small field assembled before the inflatable arch and off we trotted, bang on time. All without any enforced fun warm-ups or over enthusiastic announcements, which was nice.

It was a loop circuit of 5k with a couple of out and back sections, nice and flat, and quiet despite the course being open to other park goers. It was well marshalled. Particularly by the lady ensuring the 10 & 5k runners didn’t accidentally take in the extra section on each lap that formed the 1/2 route. The announcer was also pretty good, the small field ensuring he could call out each runner as they crossed the line by name. Race done, I received the promised medal, bottle of water and a flapjack. There was also the addition of a free tech t-shirt, which was a nice bonus. Not that I’m lacking for tech t-shirts, much like buffs you can never have too many. It was a good race, I was particularly impressed with how well the organisers managed the various distances running concurrently. I’ll definitely consider doing more of the Innovation Sport races later in the year.

For my part the race was a steady plod, still not under the hour but faster than the last two 10k’s. So the quest continues and I’m weighing up a couple of options for the end of March. One is hilly, which will hurt the body. The other is six times around a mile loop, which will be more mentally challenging.

I’m not sure which would be worse. Particularly as it will not long after the yearly fun of SXSW. I expect to put in my slowest time of the year which ever one I pick.


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