How to survive Bootcamp

So that’s Bootcamp done and dusted, I’ll pen a proper review later in the week when I’ve had confirmation of the results from the fitness and general lardiness assessment. The net net, or the only two stats I can remember with confidence, is that  after six days of beasting, I knocked 46 seconds off my mile and a half time and dropped 4% body fat, which is nice/fucking amazing. So if you were to ask, which I’m sure you would, I highly recommend Adventure Fitness Bootcamps, it was tough at times but manageable, and even enjoyable for most of the time.

What helped with the less enjoyable parts were the pearls of wisdom Sean imparted just as I started, which I thought I’d share along with a few tips of my own gathered, or worked out over the week. Sean’s are based on a lifetime in the military so might not be applicable to all bootcamps but some are bound to be useful.

1. Never be first, never be last.

2. Abdominal exercises are done from the neck and face, ‘work harder’ means gurn more

3. When told to do # number of reps, divide by two and add 4….thats the actual number you are aiming to complete while everyone else kills themselves….if told to work harder…GURN!

4.  Instructor has you in line of sight……then gurn

5. If the instructor cannot see you….cease reps but continue counting the reps as if you where being watched

6.Keep a neutral face as to show no pain (not quite how sure how you do this and gurn at the same time)

7. If the staff goad you, ALWAYS!…….ALWAYS! REPLY WITH A SMART ARSE COMMENT. no matter how many extra reps this incures. It is a game and THEY MUST NEVER WIN!!!!! (Fiona and I don’t endorse this particular tip)

8. Always Start running on the ‘G’ of Go! and not at the end of the “Oooooo”

9. Always stop short of the line you are running to. Spot your turn, Turn low, drive hard, pump arms hard, keep the head down during the drive phase. And run arrow straight. (dont weave or run in an arc). run as hard on the last sprint as you did on the first!

10. When doing weights, move the body about the bar and not the bar about the body

11. Eat everything that is put in front of you. Now is not the time to be faddy

12. Eat slowly, this will fool your body into thinking that you have eaten far more than actually you did

13.  If there is a picky eater in the group, become their best friend and sit next to them at every mealtime for bonus calories

14. Sleep at every given opportunity.

15. When in doubt, GURN!

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