Grim’ll Fix it – Grim Original 2011

Ah the Grim, the first off-road race we ever did and, as mentioned not very long ago on this very blog, we learnt a lot. It’s rolled around quickly this year as the 2010 race was postponed and only took place in January. This time last year the country was covered in snow, which would’ve made a great race but while the course was good to go, the car parks wouldn’t take the strain, so it got moved to Jan.

What a difference a year makes.

For a change we ran the Sunday race. While the photos from yesterday show clear blue skies and sunshine, today was overcast, a little windy but warm. We amazingly turned up in good time, good job as I thought the start at 11am and it was actually 10.30 and set off with the main crowd.

The course had been shortened a little from last year, mainly by cutting out the boring bit towards the end and they’ve thrown in some more fun bits, well if you think a good few hundred yards of muddy moguls is fun. I think the wonderfully muddy bit, which is basically orange clay (as modelled in the picture), has been extended. It was certainly muddier than ever, which Grim Virgin Ray found out when we finally got there. Somehow Fiona and I forgot to mention that it was traditional to have a mud fight at that point. I should also apologise to who ever was in front of Fiona when I flung the initial shot.

It remains a brilliant race, well organised, great value, great fun and provider of a great t-shirts. There were only a few down points, there were no ducks to steal this year, neither was there a goody bag, we also forgot to bring the flasks of hot chocolate & coffee. Oh and we were also missing a large, one-legged buffoon who is currently on deployment in Afghan. It really wasn’t the same without him

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