Grim Night Terror

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The Tough Gaffs’ first off-road experience was the Grim 8 in 2007 and it was a very valuable learning experience that set us up well for our more recent muddy endeavours. I summarise them as thusly:-

  • Being really stubborn and determined can get you round without some any prior training
  • No matter how vain you are, if you running through thigh deep puddles, lycra is the only way
  • You’d be amazed at where you can chafe if you don’t follow point 2
  • Leaving the racing snakes to run at the front, its far more fun to help out the other huffers and puffers at the back
  • Every race should have a mud pit for a mud flinging fight halfway round
  • Mince pies taste better after 8 miles of mud & sweat. FACT.

and most importantly:

  • if it looks like more than a puddle, then it is.
We’ve ran at every Grim since then, well except for when my idiotic knee stopped me, but Sean and Fiona put in a record time while i dog sat and kept tasting the mince pies for freshness. Each year has got better and better, its very well organised and a really good race. If you had to make a complaint, it would be that it’s not actually 8 miles, more like 9. So the last mile takes an awfully long time but it seems to keep the marshalls amused.
Anyway, when the organisers announced that they were thinking about a midnight version, as a team we mainly went “oooooohhhhh’.  Today, when we found out it was not only taking place, but was open for entries and places were limited. We mainly said, ‘Book it Danno Fiona’, which she duly did.
So, in February, we’ll be trotting around the tank track for a couple of four mile laps, in the dark, and the cold. It’s a new challenge for us and so we’re going to raise some cash, this time for the race’s nominated charity, MacMillian. Just Giving widget to duly appear.
There’s some discussion about what we’re going to do post-the GrimTerror, suggestions welcome, and there’s even more discussion about not letting this place get so dusty but we’ll see about that.

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