Fresh Business Thinking – The Need To Integrate Social Media Into Your Plans

Wordle: Niff, Naff n Triv May 2010Typical isn’t it. I did the upgrade to the site, went all self-hosty, spent hours and hours picking a new theme that I both liked and worked and then…and well then I’ve barely posted. This isn’t going to be a self-indulgent post about ‘Oh woe is me, I’ve been so busy’*. Rather this is a self-indulgent post about me flagging stuff what I have wrote elsewhere. This time it was for Fresh Business Thinking and it was on my favourite topic, even if Wordle thinks that my favourite topic is People, followed by Twitter. I actually much prefer talking about the importance of integrating social media into wider communication plans.

Most business would now agree that social media is not a fad and it’s not going to go away anytime soon, the question in 2010 is how to get the best from using digital channels? The various flavours of social media can’t live in isolation from other forms of marketing and business communication, they are too ingrained in the everyday habits of your customers. They need to be tightly integrated with more tradition channels, all too frequently it seems that social media it is treated as a bolt-on activity, completely ignored or…

You can read the rest over here –  need to integrate social media into your plans

*even though I have

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